Al jaber Car Rental

Rent a car Imagine a car renting experience without tidal waves of paperwork, without mountains of confusing jargon and protocol, without hidden payment traps -just a flat. hassle-free experience. At Al Aber Rent A Car we work hard to provide you with just that.

Since its launch has focused on core values such as strong customer service and excellent value for money. This successful formula has seen company grow across the Qatar to become the premier locally owned vehicle rental company.

  • We are Customer centric organization and consider this essential for ovr success. We listen to our customers; provide them superior service exceeding their expectation. This earning their trust, respect and confidence.

  • We are a cohesive team. We believe in collaboration, pro-activeness, professionalism, investing in our people, technology. quality, continuous learning and improvement.

  • We believe in Innovation. We empower our people to be creative. listen to them and reward innovation and creativity.

  • We ore guided by Ethical principles. we are committed to being open, honest, reliable and respectful in our deolings with our people and customers

  • We honor our commitment to Society. We recognize the responsibility and opportunity to contribute to society and make a meaningful difference.

  • We communicate world-class brand image. We ensure effective corporate visibility.